Carrier Onboarding

New Carrier Registration

New Carrier Registration
  • Please enter what type of equipment your company operates and how may vehicles you operate.
  • Use your finger or mouse to sign
  • Insurance Company Contact:

    If you can provide your insurance agent's name and email address, we will automatically contact them to request a Certificate of Insurance to be issued to Oak City Logistics. We still recommend you contact your agent after completing this form to confirm they will be issuing the COI in a timely manner.
  • Carrier Payment Options

    Oak City Logistics offers two payment terms for our carriers:

    Standard Pay:Standard Payments are issued within TWO weeks of a carrier picking up a load. Payments are mailed and/or initiated every Thursday. There is NO FEE for this option.

    Example: A Standard Payment issued on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 will include payment for all loads picked up by carriers between January 10th to 16th 2016.

    Immediate Pay:Immediate Payments are issued within 1 business day of carrier submitting their invoice and BOL. There is a 3% fee for this option

    Example: If an invoice is submitted on January 27th, 2016, a check will be mailed or direct deposit initiated on January 28th, 2016 to the carrier.
    Note: If you select direct deposit, you need to download our direct deposit enrollment form. A link to this form is will be available to you after you complete your enrollment.
  • Invoicing Instructions

    · ALL pages of your load documentation must be submitted, not just the signed page

    · Pictures/scans must be clear, with ENTIRE page visible, and all lettering LEGIBLE

    · BOL must be signed in all required places

    · BOL must be submitted within 7 DAYS of delivery or a 25% fee may be assessed.

    4 Ways to Submit:

    · Text Message - 919-747-3290 (recommended method)

    · Email -

    · Mobile App -

    · Fax - 919-872-5819 (not recommended)

  • Tarping Instructions

    Oak City Logistics specializes in flat bed trucking. As such, many of the loads we dispatch require tarps. We like to remind new carriers of the importance of tarping. Further, we like to let carriers know that many cargo insurance companies do not cover damage resulting for failing to tarp a load or using faulty tarps. This means in the event damage is done to a load you carry due to failing to properly tarp, you will be personally liability for the full cost of the damage. This cost can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

    - I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain and confirm from Oak City Logistics, the shipper of the load, and the receiver of the load what the proper tarping requirements are for each load.

    - I understand that not properly tarping a load or using faulty tarps may damage and destroy an entire load and result in an expense equal to the full retail value of the products being transported

    - I understand that my cargo insurance may not cover me in the event I damage and/or destroy a load due failing to tarp a load and/or using faulty tarps.

    - I understand that if I fail to follow the instructions given by Oak City Logistics, the shipper of the load, and the receiver of the load regarding tarping requirements for a load, that I will be held personally responsible for all the financial costs incurred, including fines, fees, and the full retail cost of the damaged material, regardless of whether the fault was ignorance, negligence, or equipment failure on my part.

    I understand the tarping policy of Oak City Logistics and will contact my cargo insurance company if I wish to add damage due to tarping failures to my policy:

  • Upload Required Documentation

    Below, you can upload a copy of the following required documents.

    If you are unable to upload these documents now, you may skip and submit your form. You will need to send these documents to us by email or fax before your registration is complete.

    Fax - 919 747 3290