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For shippers, broker’s often have a bad name.  With an industry full of small, fly-by-night operations, it is tempting to write off all brokers.  But at Oak City Logistics, we want to change that: Our goal is to both serve and protect you.  We offer the best customer service you will ever experienced while, at the same time, protecting you from the potential liability inherent to our industry.  You will not find another broker who will give you the kind of attention we offer while still giving you the protection usually reserved for only the largest players in the industry.

Broker Insurance & Contingent Liability

Unlike many freight brokers, Oak City Logistics carries Truck Broker Liability Insurance and Contingent Cargo Insurance.  This offers shippers extra protection few other brokers offer.  In the event a carrier’s auto liability insurance fails, our Truck Broker Liability Insurance kicks in with a $1,000,000 Auto Liability limit.  And if a carrier’s cargo insurance refuses to pay for damage done shipping your product, our Contingent Cargo Insurance kicks in with a $100,000 limit.  We carry this insurance for one reason – to give our shippers peace of mind.

Carrier Selection, Safety, & Compliance

Oak City Logistics takes great pride in selecting only the best carriers to run your freight.  Through our broker insurance provider, we are required to select only carriers that meet the GTU-SaferWatch Standards.  Each carrier is monitor 24/7/365 through to confirm carrier compliance with the GTU-SaferWatch standards at all times.

Basic overview of Oak City Logistics’ Carrier Requirements:

  • Active Common or Contract Authority
  • BIPD Insurance on file, up-to-date and meets requirements
  • AM BEST Insurance Rating of A- or greater
  • Satisfactory or better safety rating
  • One BASIC threshold violation or less
  • MCS-150 must be updated within last 2 years
  • Must not have had undeliverable mail

Credit Rating & Reputation

As a shipper, you are putting trust in us to pay carriers who ship your freight correctly, fairly, and timely.  That is why our credit rating among the industry leading rating agencies is so important to us.  Our Ansonia risk score is 97 and our 10-Days-To-Pay score with is something we proudly maintain.  With Oak City Logistics, you know you are working with a company that does what they say they will do.

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